Yearly report: what did Ecohome do in 2022?


Our last yearly report introduction began with the phrase «This year was not easy.» We don’t want to repeat ourselves, but so it goes! Fortunately, it is not just the difficult life experience that repeats itself, but also the fact that Ecohome continues to work no matter what.

 …Despite the fact that this year, the Belarusian KGB decided to declare us an extremist formation because we protect the rights of Belarusians to a healthy environment,

 …Despite the fact that Belarus withdrew from the Aarhus Convention, leaving Belarusians even more defenceless in exercising their environmental rights,

 …Despite the fact that the war has been ongoing for a whole year, and our country has been involved in it against the will of its people,

 …Despite the fact that the Belarusian environmental community is scattered all over the world in political exile, and we have to work from different countries and time zones,

 and much more. These are circumstances which we have to adapt to while continuing to do everything in our power. What are the results of Ecohomes’s work this year? Our yearly report will tell you about it — read it in English here.

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